Brothers Apothecary | Cleanse | CBD + Activated Charcoal, Dandelion & Chaga*

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Product Overview

CBD Infused Activated Charcoal, Dandelion & Chaga Capsule

Activated Charcoal has been used for detoxification for thousands of years. We’ve combined this with Wild Chaga, often used in natural & folk medicine. Each serving also includes Dandelion root, used for nutritional value and antioxidant content.Our Cleanse capsule is meant to settle the soul and offer a simple, natural way to inspire a better you inside and out.



  • 8mg Per Capsule

  • 1oz Bottle: 21 Capsules (1-3 week supply)

  • 4oz Bottle: 84 Capsules (4-12 week supply)

  • Contains coconut milk (used as a lipid to increase CBD absorption)

What do your Activated Charcoal CBD Capsules taste like? 

These capsules are made with neutral tasting herbal ingredients, and packaged in a 100% vegetarian capsule. Occasionally, you may taste some of the herbs used in the capsules, though this will be very mild. With our Cleanse Capsules, Wild Chaga may result in a toasted espresso flavor, or you may experience a neutral earthy flavor from the Activated Charcoal. 

What’s inside your CBD Cleanse Capsules? 

Cleanse capsules are made with four primary ingredients: activated charcoal, dandelion root, wild chaga, and hemp. Like all our capsules, it also includes some extra ingredients to support CBD absorption in the body.

The first ingredient of our Cleanse CBD Capsule is activated charcoal. Producing activated charcoal basically just involves heating up carbon-rich materials. The materials generally used may be wood, peat, coconut shells, or even sawdust. Once heated to extreme temperatures, charcoal, an almost pure form of carbon, is created. Once you have charcoal, how is it activated? 

With combined treatments of oxygen, steam, carbon dioxide and certain acids, charcoal is considered “activated.” Once activated, the charcoal then becomes a very fine, poriferous product. It’s large increase to its surface area on each activated particle allows it to be a great absorption product in the body.

Dandelions?! Who knew that those pesky weeds that invade many a lawns would be so high in antioxidants and rich with vitamins? Well, it turns out they are, particularly in Vitamin A and C. And ring ring spinach, iron is calling you to say it’s hanging out with dandelion! That’s right. Dandelion Root also has a very high iron content.

Inonotus obliquus, more commonly known as Chaga, or the clinker polymore or cinder conk, is a nutrient dense superfood found on birch trees. Chaga hardly looks like a mushroom, and is usually disguised as a dark piece of bark, with unique morphological features typically conch shaped and black in color (sometime’s compared to charcoal). It has a wide variety of vitamins, minerals and nutrients that make an excellent daily superfood.

When should I use The Brothers CBD Cleanse Capsules?

We suggest taking our Cleanse CBD Capsule whenever your body feels like it needs a good detox. We recommend taking it after a night out or when you’ve had a little too much wine. Cleanse is a detox inspired blend of charcoal, dandelion and chaga mushroom. These capsules are meant to settle the soul and offer a natural, simple solution to inspire a better inside and out. 

Recommended: Take 1-2 capsules on an empty stomach & drink a full glass of water. 

  • 8mg Full Spectrum CBD Per Capsule
  • 1oz Bottle: 21 Capsules (1-3 week supply)
  • 4oz Bottle: 84 Capsules (4-12 week supply)
  • Contains coconut milk (used as a lipid to increase CBD absorption)


Hemp (cannabis sativa)
Aromatic Oregon-grown hemp sourced from USDA Organic Certified and 3rd-Party Tested farms. Considered "industrial," with less than 0.3% THC.
Activated Charcoal
Made of 100% pure activated charcoal. Food-grade certified and used as an ultra-fine powder with exceptionally high adsorption rate.
Dandelion Root
A treasured botanical with a long history, including centuries of traditional use in varied practices all over the world. Delicate & sweet when ingested, and used to support healthy digestion.
Chaga primarily grows on birch trees, and has a long history of used in folk recipes. This fungi is rich in fiber, essential nutrients, vitamin D, and more.
Coconut Milk Powder
Freshly pressed coconut milk. Supports cannabinoid bioavailability & rich in iron, fiber & magnesium, and antioxidants like selenium.
Yucca Root
The root of the Cassava plant. Used to produce tapioca maltodextrin, which prevents caking & clumping.
Acacia Fiber
A water-soluble dietary fiber exuded from the acacia tree. Sourced from small organic farms.

*All products are derived from hemp and contain .3% of THC or less per the 2018 Farm Bill and the NC Farm Act of 2022.
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