About CBD

Basic CBD Q&A
  1. What is  ?  cannabismolecule.jpg

           CBD stands for 'cannabidiol'. CBD is one of over almost 200 cannabinoids naturally found in the Cannabis Sativa plant. More cannabinoids are constantly being discovered. 


  1. Is CBD Legal?   

           Yes in the US, Europe and Canada

           The federal government's ruling is this: CBD products made from industrial hemp are legal within the U.S.


  1. Does CBD contain THC?   

           Yes less than .03%

           The federal government's ruling is this: CBD products made from industrial hemp are legal within the U.S. as long as they contain less than                   0.3% THC. 

  1. What is the difference between CBD and THC?   

           CBD is not psychoactive, THC is.

           CBD oil for sale is made from hemp (cannabis sativa) and contains no or little THC. THC oil is made from cannabis and contains lots of THC and             usually very little CBD. THC oil is also illegal in some parts of the world because of the high concentration of THC.

  1. Does CBD get you "high" or "stoned"?   

           No, CBD oil does not contain any psychoactive substances, and it does not stone you. Consumers say, however, that it is relaxing.

  1. Does CBD show up on a drug test?  

           No, but could show a false positive

           Fortunately, the urine drug screen for THC and its metabolites are known to have very little cross-reactivity to other cannabinoids that are not               psychoactive, such as CBD. Therefore, since CBD oil derived from hemp contains only trace amounts of THC, a hemp oil routine shouldn’t cause             a user to fail a drug test. However a false positive can be produced if the test is only looking for full spectrum cannabinoids.


  1. What does CBD help?  

           All answers are correct except munchies




           Back Pain

           Chronic Pain






           Hepatitis C


           Liver Diseases


           Multiple Sclerosis

           Parkinson’s Disease



           Rheumatoid Arthritis

           Schizophrenia & Psychosis

  1. What can Agricultural Cannabis Sativa be used for?  

            All are Correct

           Agricultural Cannabis Sativa is one of the most universally useful plants known to man. We are still unlocking its full potential. Hemp is a great               rotation crop, it sequesters CO2, it can be made into: paper, plastic, textiles, bricks not to mention animal feed, bio-products and of course                   medicine.

  1. Do CBD and Marijuana come from the same plant?  

           No, CBD is derived from agriculturally grown cannabis sativa plants with little to no THC which is found at high levels in marijuana. It’s like the               difference between cherry tomatoes and roma tomatoes. Though they both part of the same genus they are genetically different plants


  1. How fast does CBD work?   


           Though this depends on the dose, the disease and the expectations. Most people notice the calming and relaxing effect of the CBD within 15                   minutes when administered orally under the tongue. If you use CBD for other reasons, the medical effect may take longer.


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