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Combining the powerful healing of aromatherapy with hemp, these aromatherapy rollers are one whiff away from being your favorite topical. 


Serenity is perfect for calming or sleep, with relaxing scents like lavender and jasmine to help wisp you away to simpler times.


Once again, no corners were cut in these products. We spared no expense at getting the best oils for the purpose. Where most companies will pass at an ingredient because its price is too high, we’ve cut our profit to bring the most effective product to market.


Using a 50/50 jojoba to fractionated coconut oil mixture, these rollers carry far across the skin before absorbing deeply.  The essential oils stay on the skin for hours and your relief will be the source of many compliments.


Offering three different formulations, depending on individual need.


Serenity - MCT oil, jojoba oil, hemp derived CBD extract, lavender essential oil, geranium essential oil, jasmine essential oil.

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