Blanq | Delta 8 | Moon Nugs | 3.5g | Assorted Strains

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Sundae Driver, living up to its name, its almost tastes exactly like the dessert, almost as if sugary marshmallow dust is dancing across your tongue when you inhale, with fine notes of chocolate syrup. Bred from a combination of Fruity Pebbles and Grape Pie, the Sundae Driver will relax you like an easy Sunday morning, or act as the perfect nightcap before you turn in for the evening. Patient's find this strain to be good for relaxation, restfulness, and a strong body high.

Gorilla Glue is a potent sativa strain that delivers heavy-handed euphoria and relaxation, leaving you feeling “glued” to the couch albeit focused and alert. Its chunky, resin-covered buds fill the room with pungent earthy and sour aromas inherited from its parent strains.

Cranberry Kush is an indica dominant hybrid (70% indica/30% sativa). This bud is famous for its taste - citrus that lingers as you exhale and sweetens as you continue to smoke. The smell of Cranberry Kush is an earthy citrus with a slight hint of diesel, possibly hinting that its parentage includes a member from the Diesel family. Patients describe the high as a mild onset indica high that calms and relaxes them with a mild head buzz, follwed by a slowly creeping feeling of being bodily stoned that is intensely relaxing and euphoric. Don't be fooled the couch-lock you'll experience, you will still be functional should choose to be ordering pizza.

Banana Kush is Bananas! A tropical vacation at your fingertips when you inhale the sweet and smooth flavors of a banana and relax into good vibes. The effects: a great night time choice, this strain induces a mellow sense of relaxation and subtle euphoria. 


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