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Product Overview

BaOx 1/2 oz Hemp Flower has a sweet, pungent citrus and floral flavor palette.  This flower is dense, sticky, and packed full of a rich variety of cannabinoids, thanks to their parent plants: Otto II and Hindu Kush. The flower buds are large, dense dark green with deep red pistils.   

One of the most notable characteristics of BaOx is its high CBD potency (usually between 9% and 14%) and low THC composition (consistently less than .3%). This makes BaOx an excellent choice for people looking for therapeutic benefits without experiencing any psychoactive effects. hemp flower is high in CBDA which helps to reduce internal inflammation.

This hemp is not for everyone, this is for the connoisseur that is only looking for real deal top shelf A+ quality hemp flower. Your search is over!  Welcome to the next level of hemp!

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