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Cannabis Legislation Moves In The Right Direction...

Cannabis Legislation Moves In The Right Direction...

Posted by The Green Team on Oct 9th 2022

This week, marijuana legislation finally took a step in the right direction when President Joe Biden issued a federal pardon to those with simple federal possession charges. The president was quoted as saying that “no one should be in jail for simply possessing marijuana.” This is big news and will affect thousands of those convicted. In the same release, Biden also called on the federal government to reevaluate cannabis’ standing on the DEA’s drug list.

Can we all just say it’s about time? The new ruling will clear anyone charged of simple possession by the federal government since it was made an illegal drug in the 1970’s. Just between 1992 and 2001 over 6,500 people were convicted of simple possession. While no one is currently actively incarcerated for simple possession, this ruling will remove many barriers that a federal charge creates, like trying to rent an apartment or home, applying for a new job, applying for credit and much more which disproportionately effects people of color and minorities.

President Biden also called on state governors to do the same and to pardon any state simple possession charges. He also requested that the attorney general re-evaluate cannabis’ standing as a class 1 drug. “The federal government currently classifies marijuana as a Schedule 1 substance,’ he said, ‘the same as heroin and LSD and more serious than fentanyl. It makes no sense.”

The one thing this new statement will not do is forgive anyone of any crime beyond simple possession. If the convicted person possessed enough at the time to be charged with intent to distribute or any other serious crime, then they will not be considered for presidential pardon. People who are not citizens or already have their green card will also not be considered.

American cannabis law still has a long way to go but this is certainly work in the right direction. It’s finally becoming apparent that Americans attitudes have shifted, and they are ready to embrace this amazing, mystical plant and their politicians are finally catching a clue.

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