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At Get Me Some Green, we are built from people who believe in natural healing because they have experienced it first-hand. Our team cares about people and wants to share their knowledge and experiences to others to grow.

Our Team: Get Me Some Green is home to a small team, but we strive for perfection in everything we do, from customer service, to our light therapy services. You'll always feel like Get Me Some Green Apotecary is your second home, cause it's ours.

Heather Wiskes

Born to a single mom, Heather knows a thing or two about going without, like being resourceful and finding natural ways to heal. This foundation along with her heritage gave way to her desire to find better ways to help people manage money, health, healing and personal growth. For years she used this drive while working in the IT, Accounting and even Legal arenas. Once a mother herself she found the need for more people to understand how money works and how cost effective and necessary natural healing can be. After spending years rallying for natural medicine and better use for the Hemp plant and cannabis across many industries; when her son was born with special needs it was time to shift gears leaving behind her professional career to pave the way in the cannabis and natural healing industries. Coming from a single parent household money was always tight which means choices about proper healthcare had to be made. Heathers now on a mission to provide wellness solutions to everyone and educate people on natural healthcare options both in the cannabis arena and beyond.

Eric Wiskes

Eric is the creative driving force behind everything that makes Get Me Some Green what it is. This Chicagoan has an extensive creative director background and Bachelors in computer graphics focusing on online and email marketing from sunny Arizona State University. His passion for hemp and alternative medicine lead him to further his education by studying the chiropractic arts at National University. The knowledge he gained led him to his dream job working remotely for Exact Target/Salesforce managing email marketing programs for Fortune 500 companies. With seasonal affective disorder and working remotely, Eric again strived for better weather, so over 6 years ago moved his family to Charlotte, North Carolina. Here his meditation and spiritual practices escalated with the presence of mountains, sun, greenery, and his ultimate desire for the beach and ocean. So in 2017, he put all these elements together creating the foundation for what Get Me Some Green is all about. Being an avid athlete and sports fanatic, Eric uses hemp derived CBD products for his pain and inflammation from old knee and low back sports injuries that ended his football kicking career. Eric is ecstatic about the future of the hemp, CBD, and medical marijuana industries, and is proud to have GetMeSomeGreen lead the way to its ultimate success!