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North Carolina's First Legal Medical Marijuana Joint

North Carolina's First Legal Medical Marijuana Joint

Posted by The Green Team on Apr 25th 2024

ASHEVILLE, N.C. (828newsNOW) — Come Saturday, hundreds of smokers are expected to roll into Cherokee. It’s 4/20 — a date marijuana smokers and non-smokers recognize as a national holiday for cannabis culture.

It’s also the day Qualla Enterprises LLC will be opening Great Smoky Cannabis Co., a seed-to-sale operation that will provide regulated access to medicinal cannabis products

Sales are limited to those older than 21 who hold a medical cannabis patient card. The medical cannabis patient cards are issued by the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians Cannabis Control Board.

Denman said the CCB approved just shy of 1,100 cards for North Carolina residents and little more than 300 cards for enrolled members of the tribe.

The CCB also plans to serve individuals with out-of-state medical cards or other tribal medical cannabis cards.

What This Means For North Carolina

Well Nothing.. Right now that is. But is a great step in the right direction for getting North Carolina on the right track towards legalization. After all, weren't-aren't we one of the biggest tobacco producers in the world? If we converted that income to cannabis and marijuana, we would find it quadruple due to the fact that hemp crops alone, the whole plant can be used for multiple purposes from clothing to food. As more shops like GetMeSomeGreen Apotecary open up and the mainstream stigma of the cannabis is abolished, then will we find peace in consuming marijuana.

With so many states jumping on the bandwagon of high hopes, and greater revenues for their states, why has North Carolina waited for what looks like Federal Legalization to follow along with? NC really needs to get with the times and start ruling in favor of and not against. Our numbers are too great now to ignore. Legalization is coming, when, probably when is de-classed. For now enjoy that THCA, cause we're not sure they will let you off the reservation with what you might be able to purchase.

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