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What is CBN? What is an Isolate? And What is a CBN Isolate?
CBN stands for Cannabinol. CBN (Cannabinol) can be extracted from the cannabis plant or hemp plant, and can then be isolated into a pure form known as a CBN Isolate.

The CBN (Cannabinol) products made at Freshbros are produced exclusively by extracing hemp oil from the hemp plant.

Isolates, universally speaking, refer to an isolated compound and measured in quality by the purity of that single product, in this case of CBN. Distillates on the other hand contain a mixture of cannabinoid compounds.

So putting it all together, a CBN isolate is the purest form of Cannabinol that can be purchased.


What is CBN (Cannabinol) Used For?
CBN (Cannabinol) is primarily used to infuse products such as gummies, tinctures, topicals, and other hemp products. Manufacturers purchase CBN (Cannabinol) to infuse their products, as do retail DIY customers.

As we mentioned above, CBN Isolate (Cannabinol) can be used to infuse a variety of products for a variety of reasons. Some people like CBN (Cannabinol) because of the way it makes them feel, some people because it helps them sleep, and other people have their individual preferences.

Either way, CBN can be infused into many common products and consumables.


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*All products are derived from hemp and contain .3% of THC or less per the 2018 Farm Bill and the NC Farm Act of 2022.
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