Curcuma Kitchen | Golden Turmeric | 1.6 oz

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Curcuma Kitchen | Golden Turmeric | 1.6 oz

Inspired by the healing tradition of Ayurveda, our Golden Turmeric is blended with MCT oil, delicious chai spices and Himalayan Sea Salt for maximum activation of the active ingredient Curcumin. Add Golden Turmeric to any recipe or latte for a delicious flavor boost with anti-inflammatory and immune boosting health benefits.

Try in smoothies, coffee, oats, stir-fry, soup & more! For maximum health benefits, enjoy daily. (Recipes HERE: Our favorite way to use it is Golden Mylk. Simply mix 1-2 tsp with 8 oz of milk & sweeten to taste.

MADE WITH ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: Diaspora Co. Heirloom Turmeric MCT Oil Powder Ginger Ceylon Cinnamon Cardamom Black Pepper Pink Himalayan Salt BENEFITS The active ingredient in this formula is curcumin, found in turmeric, which has been proven to: -reduce inflammation -boost immunity -improve digestion -increase vitality VEGAN • LACTOSE FREE • GLUTEN FREE • KETO FRIENDLY • SUGAR FREE