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  • 3555-1 Matthews-Mint Hill Road Matthews, NC 28105 United States of America
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What are people saying about Get Me Some Green? Check out what our friends have to say about their favorite wellness store.
What a magical place. Heather is super knowledgeable and passionate. She has a suggestion/idea/solution to upgrade my well being. The message table took me to a different world. I woke into that room and already felt better. While I was waiting to ask a question I watched the team helping customers with their needs, it was fascinating. I highly recommend checking them out. There is so much confusion around this industry, it’s so valuable to have a place that knows what they are taking about.       - Elinor M.
Everyone that works here is VERY knowledgeable in ALL the products and services. Our Ehlers Danlos Syndrome support group use to meet here before COVID and the staff always engaged with us when appropriate. I just called to get a friend who’s going to nursing school some relief with CBD oil that had no THC what do ever...boom, Josh hooked him up! Thanks everyone and all you do❤️     - Crystal G.
Just feeling the need to share an experience I had with Heather Wiskes at her shop Get Me Some Green in Matthews on Friday afternoon. She and husband Eric own this great little shop, filled with many varieties of CBD oils and other nutritional products for your good health. PLUS, tucked away in the back, there's a private room with a PEMF (Pulse Electromagnetic Field) Therapy mat for some many ailments, an Infrared sauna booth with Chromotherapy (color lights) to help with many physical conditions. You can even enjoy a Jade hot stone massage, too.Stop by for a visit, learn what CBD oil can do for you and your families health. They also offer classes so you can get a good education about it.While there of Friday, I tried out the PEMF mat and sauna. WOW...just an awesome experience. I learned so much from Heather about the oil and have an new awareness and appreciation for it.    - Toni C.
New to the area, my fiance and I visited the shop for the first time this weekend and it is a great little shop. The owners were super nice and down to earth. I got some flower CBD Lifter and Boax. I usually like mellow/calming CBD and Boax was perfect for that! Lifter was not my typical choice but I was talked into it, it was actually really good, and I was able to continue doing yard work after smoking, I did not get the uber mellow, don't want to do anything feeling .I will definitely be visiting the store again soon, and I highly recommend anyone looking for CBD or Hemp products to visit the store. - Alexandra W.

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*All products are derived from hemp and contain .3% of THC or less per the 2018 Farm Bill and the NC Farm Act of 2022.
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