​Green News Now: Can CBD assist with weight loss?

Posted by Heather Wiskes on Jun 12th 2019

​Green News Now: Can CBD assist with weight loss?

Green News Now: Can CBD assist with weight loss?

With summer upon us many people strive for a leaner version of themselves but in today’s fast paced world working out or even eating healthy can be hard. There are many diets that make claims for weight loss. Many work 100% of the time if you do the diet program 100% of the time. However why do we gain weight anyway? After about age 30 our bodies start to lose muscle mass and integrity. Muscle burns fat so with less lean muscles mass our bodies burn less fat however many of us don’t increase movement to maintain muscle nor do we adjust our diets to compensate for muscle loss.

According to Healthline preliminary research suggests the CBD may reduce food intake and boost metabolism both of which promote weight loss. CBD helps with stress which affects many of our diets and since CBD puts your body in a state of homeostasis but working with your CB1 and CB2 receptors in lymphoid tissue in the brain which play a big part in your metabolism.

There are 2 types of fat in your body, white and brown. White fat is predominant and is responsible for storing and supplying energy while insulating your organs. Its also the fat most commonly associates with chronic illness such as diabetes and heart disease. Brown fat generates heat by burning calories. White fat can be converted to brown fat with exercise, sleep and exposure to cold temperatures. Research has shown that CBD may assist in this conversion process. It has been noted that those who use CBD as a health supplement have less body fat than those who do not.

In short studies support CBD can affect appetite, metabolism, and other weight related body functions as well as encourage browning of fat cells making CBD a good overall supplement.